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I know, way, way to long.. but I have a few reviews for you. So just hold on tight and let's see what I got for you :)

Amy's Story
(Fang Chronicles #1)

By , D'Elen McClain

Amy is hot on a story as she tries to discover what life is like for teenage girls living on the street. When her disguise almost gets her killed, she’s saved by one of New York’s most eligible bachelors. His private life is filled with secrets and his story sparks Amy’s interest. Discovering the truth lands her in a world of vampires and werewolves that she never dreamed existed. She also didn't dreamed she could truly love a man or vampire but Marcus shows her the light. Now the two must fight the one person who can destroy their chance at love. With the help of Marcus’ clan of werewolves the war begins


3.5 Stars

I thought this was a fun read. I always enjoy reading another’s idea of a shifter story. The way Vampires and Wares’ are together in this story was new and fun!

The Beast Within
(The Elite #1)

By, Jonathan Yanez (Goodreads Author)

Once eighteen-year-old Connor Moore stumbles across an almost human species, he is faced with history’s darkest secret, a daunting future, and a love life he can’t even begin to explain.

Concealed throughout the pages of time, there has been a powerful race of human-like creatures manipulating mankind. This Elite race is made up of five ruling families, who have obeyed The Law and remained content to keep their identities a mystery. Now after centuries of secrecy, an ancient foe is forcing them out of hiding.

When a dark-haired mystery woman named Laren crosses Connor’s path his life is turned upside down. Soon Connor is taken on a heart-pounding journey that leads to a startling discovery of who he really is and a daunting future of what he is to become.


4 stars

I was very sorry when this one ended. I wanted to keep going to find out what happened next. This was fun and different.

Club Shadowlands

(Masters of the Shadowlands #1)

By, Cherise Sinclair (Goodreads Author)

Her car disabled during a tropical storm, Jessica Randall discovers the isolated house where she's sheltering is a private bondage club. At first shocked, she soon becomes aroused watching the interactions between the Doms and their subs. But she's a professional woman--an accountant--and surely isn't a she?

Master Z hasn't been so attracted to a woman in years. But the little sub who has wandered into his club intrigues him. She's intelligent. Reserved. Conservative. After he discovers her interest in BDSM, he can't resist tying her up and unleashing the passion she hides within.


18 and older

Woo this was a hot sexy read. I really enjoyed this story and am glad I picked this one up!

got some more coming :)

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Sorry i have been gone so long... we just moved and so much go's in to something like that. These review's are not quit as long as I would like, I think later on I might go back tho and reread and rereview them.

The Secret Truth at Dare Ranch
by Cheryl Gorman

Expect off

A Contemporary Western Romance

He was back. Ranch owner, Lexie Dare never thought she would see her child’s father again. Now Mitch Quinn not only wants to buy her ranch but also be a father to the child she has kept secret for seven years.
Set on a ranch in the Colorado high country, The Secret Truth at Dare Ranch tells the story of a woman struggling to save her failing ranch and overcome the tragedy of her brother’s death and one man’s determination to preserve his best friend’s memory.

When hardworking ranch owner and devoted mother, Alexa “Lexie” Dare learns that Mitch Quinn, her heart-stopping cocky friend from childhood wants to buy her failing ranch, she is stunned and desperate to stop him. But as the days go by, mutual attraction, shared kisses and time spent with their daughter draw them closer together emotionally. Has the passion they shared one long ago night truly ever been extinguished? Or is the tragedy of the past too much for love to overcome?


I thought this was a fun read. I enjoyed how it went into the story. Im glad I picked this one up!

3 ½ stars

His Acquisition

(The Billionaire's Muse #1)

by Ava Lore


Artist Sadie MacElroy has landed a sweet gig as the personal assistant to her best friend, Felicia Waters. Despite her scattershot creative nature, she's a whiz at organizing, planning, and ordering people around. But her sweet gig turns sour at a charity art auction she's organized when she bumps into a stage lackey and sends a 17th century Qing Dynasty vase crashing to the ground. Electing to take the fall, Sadie attempts to arrange payment of the vase to its owner, eccentric billionaire and (extremely) amateur artist Malcolm Ward. But Malcolm doesn't care about the money or the vase; inspired by Sadie, he decides he only wants her, any way he can have her. In front of his camera, under his brush... or in his bed.

His Acquisition is a 16,300 word novelette. Part one of five in The Billionaire's Muse series.


“Oh yes. I knew from the moment I saw you from across the ballroom that I wanted to paint you. Or take your picture. Or perhaps sculpt you...” He took a step closer, and my hands tightened on the bar stool. He was so tall, and I caught a whiff of a very masculine scent underneath his aftershave. The hard muscles of his body filled out his tux, and I found myself praying that he was telling the truth, because if he tried to kill me I'd be no match for a barrel chest and biceps like the ones he was sporting.

“Wow,” I said. “You, uh, work in a lot of mediums.”

“I'm quite versatile,” he assured me. “And that is what I have planned for our date. Or rather, for our several dates.”

I scowled. “Excuse me? I never said anything about several dates.”

He raised his eyebrows. “Oh? Well, I paid nine thousand dollars for you. I feel that I have procured your services as a model, or perhaps I should say as an inspiration, for as long as it takes to complete one masterpiece featuring you.”

For an artist, this guy sure talked oddly about it. “I... I suppose we should see how it goes,” I said cautiously. Nine thousand dollars weighed pretty heavily on my conscience, but I wasn't about to let him see that. “Let's stick with one and if I'm comfortable with you, then we can maybe negotiate more.”

“A woman who drives a bargain,” Ward said. “I like that. I knew you were different just looking at you.”

“Yeah,” I said. “I bet you did.” He gave me a strange look and I shook my head. “Okay, fine. But here's the deal. No nudity unless we discuss things first. I won't have you doing that creepy thing some male photographers do when they say, 'oh, just take a little more off, show me some nipple,' because that is gross and we are both professionals.” I caught myself. “Well, I am, at least.”

“I'm professional in many things,” Ward interjected, sounding almost hurt.

“Uh-huh,” I said. “Well, since you yourself said you're an amateur, you'd better read up on the rules of engagement first.”

In the dim light, I saw his eyes gleam and harden. He seemed to think I was presenting a challenge to him rather than giving him the benefit of the doubt and kindly instructing him on how civilized people behaved toward each other in situations such as these. “Hey,” I snapped. “I'm not joking around here. This is how professionals behave.”

“Of course,” he said smoothly. “And I vow I shall behave quite professionally.” From the depths of his jacket he produced a white card and held it out to me, pinched between two elegant fingers. Gingerly I reached out and took it, trying to ignore the sudden dark hum of my blood in my veins when our fingertips brushed together. I ripped the card from his grip as I snatched my hand away. His eyes glittered down at me, but he said nothing about my reaction.

“My home address and phone number,” he said instead. “Are you available tomorrow afternoon?”..


To tell the truth I found this really funny to read. It sure was something different. So I enjoyed reading it!

3 stars

The Reluctant Bachelorette

by Rachael Renee Anderson


Luke Carney has no idea what possessed him to move back to Shelter Springs, Colorado, to set up his veterinarian practice. His parents have long since left, the small farming community is on the brink of extinction, and only one close friend from his childhood remains--Taycee Emerson, his best friend’s little sister, who isn’t so little anymore.

Then there’s the matter of Shelter’s Bachelorette, an online reality dating show created to raise some much needed funds for the town.

Unwittingly cast as the bachelorette, Taycee wants out, especially when she discovers that Luke, her childhood crush, is back in town and will be one of the bachelors. To make matters worse, it's up to the viewers--not her--to decide which bachelors stay or go. And they all seem to like Luke.

Unwilling to let him break her heart again, Taycee launches a subtle attack on Luke’s good name with the hope of getting him voted off the show. But she’d forgotten that Luke's an eye-for-an-eye kind of guy, and when he discovers what she's up to, it means revenge.


Fun and fast read.

3 stars

Thank you for reading:)

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Shadow of the Blood Moon

Shadow of the Blood Moon
(Blood Moon #2)

By, Robin P. Waldrop

Genevieve Labreck is back with a score to settle. Her mom has been kidnapped by Zane, hybrid and all-around monster. Rumors fly that Gen’s mom is holed away in Prague, a city recognized by humans for its serene beauty and intense culture, but Gen and Will know something humans don’t. Prague is haunted by dark, evil forces.
Can Gen and Will save her mom, or will they be too late?
Some will live, others will fall. At what price do you walk away from those you love?


I loved book one quit a lot. But this one was not what I was hopping for. I still enjoyed reading it. But something was missing I cant quit put my finger on it.
I think It was Genevieve she just didn’t pull off what I was hoping for.
However this is still a good story and maybe when I read it again in the future it might be different.

So im going to have give it 3 stars.

Audiobook review

byTammara Webber
Tara Sands


A girl who believes trust can be misplaced, promises are made to be broken, and loyalty is an illusion.

A boy who believes truth is relative, lies can mask unbearable pain, and guilt is eternal.

Will what they find in each other validate their conclusions, or disprove them all?


I enjoyed listening to this why I was in the car and cleaning the house.
Great story. The carters were great and put the story together well.
So even if it’s not in Audiobook this is a good oneJ

4 Stars

Night Magic Review

Night Magic
(Wing Slayer Hunters #3)

By, Jennifer Lyon


Ailish Donovan is a witch ready to do battle. Raised unaware of her powers, she is just sixteen when her mother tricks her into binding with the demon Asmodeus. Pure-hearted Ailish escapes with the connection incomplete but pays a heavy price: For the next eight years, she is shunned by her earth sisters and tormented by Asmodeus’s lust. After hardening her body and mind as a champion kickboxer, Ailish returns home to break the bond—or die.

The Wing Slayer Hunter Phoenix Torq is sworn to protect earth witches, but he is shaken by Ailish’s fierce independence—and his own forbidden cravings. Dark, impulsive, and haunted by his troubled past, Phoenix likewise arouses Ailish in ways she finds disturbing—and irresistible. Torn between mistrust and desire, each must go to hell and back to seek the magic that could set them both free


How else do you put it. I enjoyed this book very much! Jennifer Lyon sure knows her stuff.
This has almost the whole Paranormal world tied into it. So you don’t have to pick witch one you want to read about this go around.

4 Stars

Trilogy Review

The Darkwoods Trilogy

The Mayfair Moon
(The Darkwoods Trilogy #1)

By, J.A. Redmerski

Expcert (

After a nightmarish encounter with a werewolf, seventeen-year-old Adria Dawson loses her sister, but gains the love of a mysterious young man and his legendary family.

Strange and tragic things begin to happen in the small town of Hallowell, Maine: residents come down with an unexplainable ‘illness’ and some disappear. In the midst of everything, Isaac Mayfair is adamant about keeping Adria safe, even from her sister whom he has warned her to stay away from.

As unspeakable secrets unfold all around Adria, impossible choices become hers to bear. Ultimately, no matter what path she takes, her life and the lives of those she loves will be in peril. As she learns about the werewolf world she also learns why her place in it will change the destinies of many.

(The Darkwoods Trilogy #2)

By, J.A. Redmerski

Isaac Mayfair is hiding a dark secret. And just when Adria Dawson thinks the worst of her life among the werewolf world is over, she learns the secret that can rip her and Isaac’s love apart. Adria must come to terms with what the truth means for her. What it means for her life and how much time she has left to live it. She must choose between two different fates, neither of which can offer life as a certainty.

As if Isaac’s betrayal isn’t enough, Adria learns that there are things out there older and more powerful than werewolves could ever be. An archaic entity known only to few as the Praverian, unlike anything Adria has ever known or heard of.

As Adria struggles with her own fateful dilemmas, she must also try to find out why the Praverian is so interested in her and do everything in her power to stay out of its way.

Due to MATURE YA content, this book is recommended for 17+.

The Ballad of Aramei
(The Darkwoods Trilogy #3)

By, J.A. Redmerski

Everything about Adria Dawson’s life has changed in unimaginable ways: the shattering betrayal of her mother, the fight for her life and sanity…the loss of her humanity. But now Adria must face the ultimate challenge and risk not only her life, but the lives of everyone she loves at the wrathful hands of Isaac Mayfair’s father.

Determined to help unravel a mysterious message deeply rooted in an unhinged mind, Adria becomes obsessed with traveling into Aramei’s turbulent past to see the truth of how the relationships and betrayals between the Mayfair and Vargas bloodlines were formed.

Meanwhile, Adria and the Mayfairs are doing everything they can to smoke out and trap the Praverian traitor. A trip to Providence uncovers not only an old family line who are enemies of the Praverians, but also raises questions about the Praverian’s true agenda.

But the traitor will be caught. People will die. And Adria’s destiny to be the cause of a war will come to pass. But what could a kind and simple girl like Adria Dawson ever do that could be considered an act of war? The landscape of the werewolf world will be forever changed in the climactic conclusion to The Darkwoods Trilogy.


I found these to be a fun trilogy to read. It’s not like every day Paranormal,
It puts a twist on something old and makes it new. The Carters were so fun and crazy though all of it. Put it this way I finished the first one then started the second almost right after and the same with the 3 rd. I just could not seem to put it down. I was so bummed when the story ended. However, I am so glad I found a new Author and a great set of books to read.

So many fun twists and turns, These are for anyone looking for a good Paranormal trilogy!
Gave all stars!

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Woooo Reviews

Hope's Road
byMargareta Osborn

Expert from

From the author of the bestselling Bella's Run comes another captivating rural romance set in the the rugged, beautiful high country of East Gippsland.

Hope's Road connects three very different properties, and three very different lives …

Sixty years ago, heartbroken and betrayed, old Joe McCauley turned his back on his family and their fifth-generation farm, Montmorency Downs. He now spends his days as a recluse, spying upon the land - and the granddaughter – that should by rights have been his.

For Tammy McCauley, Montmorency Downs is the last remaining tie to her family. But land can make or break you - and, with her husband's latest treachery, how long can she hold on to it?

Wild-dog trapper, Travis Hunter, is struggling as a single dad, unable to give his son, Billy, the thing he craves most. A complete family.

Then, out of the blue, a terrible event forces the three neighbours to confront each other - and the mistakes of their past …


Very enjoyable read. This one has a bit of everything, It’s funny ,sad and one of a kind. I think this one is well wroth giving a read too!

The Trouble with Cowboys

(A Big Sky Romance #3)
byDenise Hunter

Experct from

Only one pair of boots-and the cowboy wearing them-can get Annie out of the mess she's in. ""

Annie Wilkerson is Moose Creek's premiere horse trainer and equine columnist for "Montana Living." Money is tight as she tries to put her kid-sister through college and provide for her young nephew.

When Annie's column is cancelled, she's given first shot at a new lovelorn column-and she can't afford to turn it down. Only problem is . . . Annie's never been in love.

Always resourceful, she reluctantly strikes a deal with the town's smooth-talking ladies' man Dylan Taylor: She'll work with his ailing horse, Braveheart, if he'll help her answer the reader letters.

Working closely with Dylan is harder than Annie imagined, and she quickly realizes she may have misjudged him. But her unwavering conviction that cowboys are nothing but trouble has kept her heart safe for years. And she can't risk getting hurt now.

The more Annie tries to control things, the more they fall apart. Her feelings are spinning out of control, and her sister's antics are making life increasingly more difficult. Annie knows she needs to turn the reins over to God, but surrender has never come easily.

When Dylan reveals his feelings for her, Annie doesn't know what to trust-her head or her heart.

The trouble with "this" cowboy is that he might just be exactly what she needs.


4 Stars

Well I loved this one, from start to end.
It just proved love can make you do just about anything. Weather it be love of a Horse or even a man.
If you love Cowboys I say give this one a read, I’m sure you’ll love it.
I think I should really start these series from the first one. lol So off to find the first ones in these ones.

Pyxis: The Discovery

(Pyxis #1)
byK.C. Neal

Expert off

Corinne lives an average teenage life working at her dad’s cafe, hanging out with her best friend, and trying to forget a falling-out with her almost-boyfriend Mason. Things take a strange turn when she uses her late grandmother’s food dyes for a bake sale, and her customers suddenly find her irresistibly alluring. Then she discovers she and Mason are haunted by the same dreams of a dark force that consumes everything in its path.

Pursued by shadowy figures and a crazy woman with secrets from the past, Corinne must find out who her grandmother really was. In her quest to unravel her family’s history, she learns she is destined to protect this world--and the dark world of her dreams. She races to find the answers she seeks before her nightmares break free.


2 stars

Ok, I am not 100% sure how much I liked this one. I got a bit lost in and was not sure what the pyxis was for.
I was written good and the carters seem fun. So maybe I will reread it soon and I might get it the next time.

Taming the Wolf

(Anna Avery #1)
By Stephanie

Expert off

Attacked by a wolf while hiking in the mountains, Anna Avery's life just got a little hairier. Living in the Big Horn mountains in Wyoming, with a group of werewolves who are more animal than human, Anna must try to hold onto her human side. It's not easy when the alpha continues to persuade her into his bed, while another wolf is chomping at the bit to become her mate. To top it all off, dead bodies are showing up and it just so happens that Anna was the last to see them alive. She'll have to work to prove her innocence and taming the wolf who bites first and asks questions never.

Does have sex and voiolents
So 18 and older
4.5 Stars

It was fun to read this story. The only reason I gave it a 4.5 and not a 5 is because I would have liked to see it a little longer and more detail when you get to the end.
I liked how it was written and how it pulled me into the story and I stayed there all the way tho.
I love how Anna is so strong willed and so very feisty. Adam is one heck of an Alpha and its fun to watch him fight what fills so right.
Therefore, if you are looking for a paranormal romance with some zing, this one might be just up your alley!

Pride Unleashed
(A Wolf's Pride #2)
byCat Kalen

Expert off

Seeking revenge, Pride is headed back to the compound where she was once nearly broken to the will of an evil master. She’ll stop at nothing to free the enslaved wolves still caged in the estate’s underground prison. Knowing there is only one way back inside the fortified mansion, Pride allows herself to be captured.

Armed with a plan, she finds herself back in her cage but when things begin to unravel, she once again finds herself at the mercy of her former master. This time, however, she knows she has two wolves on her side, Logan and Stone—powerful alphas who will both fight to the death to free her.

Except the compound hides secrets that threaten both her heart and her identity and when bonds are tested and bloodlines are revealed, Pride realizes if she completes her mission she’ll be releasing her pack into a world where no one, least of all Pride, is safe.

3.5 Stars

I wish I could give this one more stars, and maybe after I read number 1 I might be able too.

I do love Pride! With all she faces she is still strong and sound minded. There are a few parts that I didn’t see coming from a mile away.
I’m thinking that if you have a thing for strong woman who can shift into a wolf then you got your book J

(Mind Reader #1)
bySusan Hatler

Expert of

High school junior, Kylie Bates, can suddenly read minds. When she touches people’s hands, she’s able to see their deepest thoughts. As if that’s not freaky enough, her dad sends her to help hottie detective, Sam Williams, track down a missing girl. Way too much pressure, especially for a girl who can’t watch Scream without getting nightmares.

Then, finding the missing girl leads to much more than Kylie’s prepared for. Like discovering that her dad has been lying to her. That she has a family she never knew about. That the girls have powers similar to hers. Oh yeah, and that someone is out to get her.

When the detective’s teenage wanna-be-cop cousin, Trip Williams, approaches Kylie at school insisting she help him solve the case, she discovers Trip might be the only one she can trust, and the only one to help her unravel the secrets behind her mysterious gift


I wish I could say I loved this one. However, I just did not fill it.
It really did not make and since to me at all.

The Rake and the Recluse
byJenn LeBlanc

expert off

Francine Larrabee woke up on the wrong side of the century. She was fairly certain she went to sleep in her own comfy bed, but she doesn’t quite seem to be there now. Only adding to her problems is that she has no voice, is constantly being glowered at by a large, stunning man who is obsessed with propriety, and she is apparently betrothed to another horrid little man, determined to ruin her, and any other girls that get in his way.
How does she find herself in the past, when she couldn’t even find herself in her present? How does a self sufficient businesswoman survive in a time when women were still considered property for the whole of their lives and what is she going to do with this man who draws her to him so fiercely.



I loved this book. At the very start, I loved it. Francine part was just wonderful and she got to have her very own recluse. The very sexy Duke.
I do not even know where to start in telling you.
It was wow. You know sometimes when you open a story and you get so lost, you don’t know what going on around you and you don’t care either… Will this was one of them for me.

If you love sexy Historical Romance then this one is for you!

Dodge the Bullet
byChristy Hayes

Expert off

Two years after her husband’s death, Sarah Woodward moves her boys away from their fast paced life in suburban Atlanta to small town Hailey, Colorado. But Sarah doesn’t know a Colorado Senator has earmarked her ranch for purchase and he’ll do anything to get it. Unwilling to sell, she dismisses his continued offers and moves ahead by improving the land with the help of a sexy stranger. A.J. Dodge is a man with a past. He’s returned to his hometown ready to set down roots and make things right with his family and whatever anyone else thinks he doesn’t give a damn. Until his old friend Tommy Thornton asks a favor, a favor he can’t refuse, and Dodge becomes involved with the beautiful widow Sarah Woodward. She’s alone with her young sons on a dilapidated ranch she’s determined to get up and running with or without his help. Under pressure to deliver the Woodward ranch to a land developer with shady connections, the senator sets in motion a dangerous plot to convince Sarah to sell. Dodge will risk everything to protect Sarah and the boys including his heart.

4 stars

This is a fun and exciting read.
It’s one I just couldn’t put down. I enjoyed Dodge and Sarah a lot. They just mesh well together which makes a great read.
So if your looking for a sexy cowboy story with twists and turns, this one is for you!

Leopard Moon

(Moon #1)
byJeanette Battista

Expert off

How do you disappear when you come from a family of predators?

A wereleopard, Kess is forced to flee her home and family in Miami once her brother's obsession with her turns violent. She runs from city to city, trying to stay one step ahead of the investigators her family has dispatched to bring her home. Kess ends up in the mountains of North Carolina and attracts the attention of Cormac, a young man with a secret of his own. As she attempts to live as normal a life as her were-nature allows, her brother Sek continues to hunt for her. He believes she is the key to revitalizing their weakened clan and is driven to extreme measures to ensure their continued existence. As Kess' relationship with Cormac deepens, Sek closes in, threatening Cormac's life and Kess' freedom.

When the moon rises, the hunt is on….


4 Stars

Fun and full of excitement. Kess seems like a very strong willed were leopard who has to make a tough choice.
I got lost in this one, loved reading about Cormac and kess.

There you have it, a list of reviews :)
Sorry it took so long to get these out.