Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Alright This is what ive been waiting for:)
Now im going to tell you what books i'll be reading for the challenge!!!

I got 2 E-books that have been waiting to read and i tell you what i've been waiting to read them:)

-View from the top
By, Carolina Valdez

-Out of the box
By, Kally Sten

Those are the E-books im palning on reading!!
Yay they look great and i can't wait

Now on to the print books!!

-I'm in No Mood For Love
By, Rachel Gibson

-Not Another Bad Date
By, Rachel Gibson

-Tall,Dark & Hungry
By, Lynsay Sands

-Start Me Up
By, Victoria Dahl

-Anything Goes
By, Debbi Rawlins

by, Jo Leigh

-Over The Edge
By, Jeanie London

-Flavor Of the Month
By, Tori Carrington

Woo what a list of books i got going on...
Im going to try to write a review for each just cuz.. I want to give it a shot!!
Now on to the reading

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