Saturday, July 30, 2011

number 6 e-book

Out of the Box
by Kallysten

Wow, This was hot and steamy!
And that is for sure.
I think that Virginia curiosity was satisfy.
This was a story i couldn't stop reading Intel i was done.
Then i didn't want it to be done.
Out of the Box came so much. The lust was high.
One of the line's from the story was such a breaker for me
"It’s going to sound stupid, but I was going to say, he
dances the same way he makes love."
Come on that just gets your mind doing some crazy stuff!
This was a all around good story.
Kallysten sure know how to write sexy and hot..
And she is sure to make you want more:):)
If you like hot and steamy with lot's of sexy this book is for you!

Happy Reading Everyone

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