Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Review " Coercion "

By Lux Zakari

Well to start, I was having kind of mix feelings about this story.
I am not 100% why. But the start just was not what I was thinking it should have been.
However, after I set down and really started to get into it.
It started to look up in a good way.
In life, you have your ups and downs; well the same went for Lux Zakari “ Coercion”.
Heartbreak is heartbreak either way you look at it.
There is plenty of it in this one, but if you let it keep happing, does that make you the fool?
To sum it up, I did enjoy reading “Coercion”. It had lots of lust flying around and mixed feelings, or maybe a better word is confused feelings.
I am looking forward to reading some more of Lux Zakari.
Very enjoyable read

18 and over

3.5 stars

Happy reading everyone intel next time!
Pick up a book and give it a read

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