Monday, October 3, 2011

Review** The Matchmaker's Mark by, Regan Black

The Matchmaker's Mark
By, Regan Black

This was a wonderful book; I was not sure what to exspect from it. This is the first book of Regan Black’s that I have read. Im sure to be checking out more of her books after this one!
I am a paranormal lover, well a book lover in all ways that count. Paranormal romance is one of my favorites. The Characters where quit wonderful, how it is written it bring everything together with great twist and turns. Very unique and was more then I was hoping for.
If you enjoy Romance this is the book for you.
I just wanted to thank Regan Black for giving me a chance to review her book!

Intell next time, Happy Reading Everyone!!


Regan Black said...

Thank you SO much! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed the book!


Temperance said...

Your Welcome Regan:) Any time