Sunday, October 16, 2011

Review of Wild Knights byTawny Taylor

Wild Knights
byTawny Taylor

I really enjoyed this story.
I pretty much read it in one setting. This is fantasy story, a very hot and steamy fantasy!
You know your in a steamy book when you start sweating why reading it *winks*
The plot is Something I have wished could happen a few times and im 100% sure im not the only one. Pulled into your fav. book. The charter’s where enjoyable. The man sound beyond sexy and I do not think I would mind bumping into them! The one thing I did not like to much was the ending, I wish it was a longer story and did not just stop! Overall tho it was a good story and I cannot wait to read some more of Tawny Taylor work:)

Happy Reading Everyone intell next time!

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