Friday, January 13, 2012

Week's reviews

Sorry im a little behind on my reviews. So here is what i have read this week...

First off i just love this cover! Dont you?

A Dangerous Love
By, Brenda Joyce

I simply feel in love with this story. It hits on a lot of truth of how life was back then.
Ariella is my kind of woman, has a strong head on her shoulders and want is what is right.
But most of all she wont give up on what she wants. Even if it scar’s her to death. The one thing she is 100% sure she wants from first sit is Emilian. Who is part gypsy and part English. But she believes in love at first sit and that is it for her. She strong and fights for what she wants. Now Emilian hates all whites all English man, even though he is a White English Lord his self. He is very confuse and does not want to forsake his Mothers people “gypsy”. Therefore, the road for him is a lot less nice and much darker then that of Ariella.
Well they work it out in the end and be together? I will never tell your just going to have to read this one your self!

I for one am a big fan of Brenda Joyce. I have not read one of her books that I have not feel in love with. I am so glad this one was not any different.

5 Stars

Pulled Long
By,Christine d'Abo

FICTION - ADULT: Other: Erotica

This is a very well written story about two men. One who is scared to be hurt again and the other who want’s well what he want’s. I have read another book by Chistine d’Abo. I have enjoyed reading both of them. What kept this story apart was that, it was not just spicy. There is a lot of love between the two and they just don’t know how to show it.
Ian Long is afraid to get hurt again. In addition, when Blue eye’s is all he can think about is scares the hell out of him. Now Jeff “blue eyes” is falling in love with Ian.

I enjoyed reading this story though all the up’s and downs, twist and turns…
To find out more going ahead and pick it up.
I recommended this story to erotica lovers..
~There is some bondage as well..
~~~For 18 and older

Thank you

3 1/2 Stars

The Best Mistake
By,Kate Watterson

This is the first story I have read written by Kat Watterson.
I thought that this was a nice fast little read. It is full of surprises. The kind that might blow your mind a bit. One mistake will change there life’s for ever.
~18 and older

I recommend this story to erotica lovers.

Thank you

3 Stars

All's Fair
By,Suzie Quint

What a sexy cover!!

Ha you know I think that is such a saying All’s Fair.
In this story an ex husband makes the new boyfriend run with his tail between his legs.
There seems to be a lot of true life in this story. I’m not saying that is true for everyone. Don’t want any one getting mad at me. But the hot Ex wants a night of lovein with the ex wife.. Well you know..
I didn’t like how this story ended though.. That kinda tho me for a loop.
I enjoyed this book and Recommend this to romance readers..

~ a little Sex in this one~

3 Stars

There you have my reviews of the week. Let me know what you think. I lok forward to knowing...
All the above books do have Sex in them and are recommend for 18 and older readers.
Once again i would like to think

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