Friday, August 19, 2011

#11 Four erotic novellas

Four erotic novellas by
Eden Baylee


-seduced by the blues

Fall seduced by the blues What a story!
Who would have thought that the love for music would bring to people together.
I enjoyed this story so much I couldn't’t stop reading it Intel I was done.
Sometimes its funny how one person knows what they both want before the other.
And sometimes you let yourself be scared for no reason at all I loved how this story was written

-act three

act three I enjoyed this story very much.
It was a little hard core for me, But it was a enjoyable read.
The story line was great and was well written.
I really enjoy reading new stories about different things.
So all in all it was very enjoyable.


-the norwegian

A vacation or a vacation to work..
Hmm In a nice remote place with know one around.
That would be nice.
That’s what Leah did.
She was only there for just a little while before a knock on the door brought her
Do fall for each other or not?
If I told you then you wouldn’t need to read the story *winks*
Would you Google a man you like?
That’s what Leah did.
Had to toss that one in there, kind of funny.
I was really glad when Leah started to find the story line to the story she was there to write.
I was hoping it would be or partly be about Henrik.
All in All this was a good story
It has it Sad, Happy and sexy all wrapped up in one!!

-the austrian and the asian

I just love how this story as well is set on a vacation.
It makes it all the more better to read.
It’s like your on vacation with them.
Sexy is a understatement..
Hot is more like it.
I know this review for this story isn’t as long as the last but. I was worried I would be giving away the story.
I so didn’t want to do that.
I think if you haven’t read these stories yet, Your missing out.
I just Love her writing.

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