Saturday, August 13, 2011

10 books are done!! #10 and a little more

Ok before we get onto the review.
I just wanted to let everyone know, That I'm going to add a few more reads to the Challenge.
It seemed i read all 10 books already and still have a little more time before the end.
I'm having a blast reviewing all theses books,I didn't know how much fun it would be.
But it is quit fun.
So maybe after the Challenge, I might just start reviewing all the books i read and posting it for everyone:)
Now to the Review of a Hot and sexy book!!

Flavor Of The Month (Harlequin Blaze #109)
by Tori Carrington

Red Hot Reads!!
Wow was it ever.
Reilly owned and ran a bakery.
Ben owned a restaurant.
They cross paths after a newspaper names them together on the best eats.
In most stores they would fall in love right off the bat.
You that might have happened but I'm not telling you!
he he
Lets just say Reilly helped Ben out when he needs some deserts.
He cant seem to get her out of his head.
This book was 100% Delicious and i mean 100%
I think this is a most read if you love your story's mixed with a little hot
And yummy and delicious carvings!!

Loved the book

Happy Reading Everyone

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