Monday, August 8, 2011

book #9

Anything Goes
by Debbi Rawlins

They post this book under Red-Hot reads
And it was RED HOT!!
Really if you had 7 days of Sun and fun on a island,
Whats not red hot about that.
Carly go's to a singles island with her friend to have some Anonymous sex before she starts her new job as a school teacher.
She's going to find something she wasn't looking for.
That's for sure.
Who would ever think a childhood friend would be what she finds.
Find she did.
Rick has it all Good looks and Way to much sexy sin all over him.
What she going to do?
I can't tell you that or i would ruin the book for you.
But this book was a Hot and spicy read if there is one.
Full of all kinds of yummy goodness *winks*

Happy Reading everyone

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