Friday, October 21, 2011

Review Lost in Time

Lost in Time (Blue Bloods #6)
By Melissa de la Cruz

All right here it go’s!
Very enjoyable, had a hard time putting it down. That seems to be the way with all of them.
I love the spine on vampires that they came from fallen Angels and all.
Jack is one of my favs. Can you just picture what he look’s like? I can got a clear view right there ever time I pick up a book. So much happens in this book. It will keep you on the end of your seat wanting more.
The one thing that get’s me is that it just doesn’t seem to end right. I know why Melissa did it, to keep us waiting! Therefore, I think if you are going to read the Blue Bloods, You should start at book 1 and go from there.
I am not going to lie, there not for everyone, But I am one of the one’s who have enjoyed these books very much and is looking for ward to the next book.
I think a reread of the series is up for grabs; I might just have to do that soon:)

Happy Reading Everyone!
Intel next time:)

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