Sunday, November 13, 2011

Review All's Fair in Love and Lust

Ok, i feeling alittle better, not the best but better!

Not for under 18

All's Fair in Love and Lust
By, Alexandra O'Hurley

Kindle Edition

This Story is a 100 times different then anything I have ever read.
It is based as the here and now and has the God's in it. There the one's pretty much to make the story.
The main God though would be the God of Lust " Eros".
It doesn't have the story line I was hoping for when I stated reading it.
It has short stories wrapped up in one story, and that is just not what I thought was going to happen.
Nevertheless, it was a good read. If your looking for a different kind of erotic romance. This would be for you to look in to. I enjoy reading erotic romances.
This one just isn't what I was looking for.
I am looking forward to checking out some of Alexandra O'Hurley' s other books tho.

Intel next time, Pick up a good book
And let’s see where it takes you!!

Happy Reading Everyone

3 stars

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