Monday, November 14, 2011

Review Free Me My Love

Free Me My Love
By Jesse Casavant

This was a great read, Ok maybe a little sad at the beginning. However, you know that is the way I would see it if I ended up in a marriage councilors office. By my self no less.
There would have to one hell of a good reason.
Jesse Casavant did a great job with this story, I really enjoyed the plot. And the Charters were great, Kat and Daniel. The love does seem to flow right out of both of them. Nevertheless, with her, she is scared for what reason she only knows and it is not crap I’m scared of my husband scared its crap I’m scared of sex with my husband. Now that at the beginning was a real dozy, I did not understand how she could be scared of the man she loves. In addition, he sounds really yummy to. So that was a no brainier to me, I was thinking ummm get over your self.haha Daniel seems to try everything to get her to the way she was when they first got married. So he plans a vacation to the place they took there Honey moon. And oh boy is that where the fun seems to start. Now I’m going to leave you hanging ~winks~
This all and all is a good read and I would say if you like a little bondage it’s for you.
When I got the book, it was a free down load from Amazon and now I think it is .99 on Amazon!

Happy Reading everyone intel next time :)

4 Stars

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