Saturday, December 17, 2011

Reviews of this weeks books:)

A Cowboy's Touch
By, K. Lyn

This was a short and quick story. I was a good little read, but could have told you just a little more into the history of the charters. Nevertheless, I found it a nice little read.

18 and older

2 1/2 stars

Devil of a Cowboy
By, K. Lyn

18 or older

Once again a fast little read. At first this really did not seem like it would be for me,
However, after I started to read more of it. I found it to be ok. The men in this one seem to be a little um, there boneheads. And at the end of the story, I found it quit funny.

3 stars

Happy Reading Everyone:)
If your looking for a quick hot read, there these ones out!

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