Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Dead Reckoning
By, Charlaine Harris

Sookie Stackhouse # 11.
I really enjoy reading the Sookie Stackhouse aka True Blood stories.
This book was no different from that side. I enjoyed it very much. I am glad it went to a little different tune then the others. You get to read about Alcee and woo did he make a jack ass of his self. lol he is way to fine to be doing all that. You get some smoking hot Eric “yum” and Bill and his love for Sookie all in one. You know it seems to me Sookie is getting more and more out spoken, which im fine with, I like that she is, being around all them vampires all the time, She has to be. You know I could say a part about every charter in Dead Reckoning, but im not going to, it could take all day. Nevertheless, everyone is there and full of all kinds of good things or maybe bad. Depends on which way you look at it.
I love the way Charlaine Harris writes her stories. I have never picked up one of her books and not liked it.
Im looking forward to the next Sookie book.
Which is due out on~~ May 2012

4 1/2 stars

All I Want For Christmas
By, Liliana Hart

Not for under 18

Ok let me start off by saying "yum look at that cover"!!

Alright on to the review before i start to drool.

Two hot and sexy stories. These where short stories by any means but I enjoyed then none the less. Everything about the ring smoking hot. In both stories they forgot the meaning of Christmas or at lest they where to lonely to care. However, let me put it this way: They found what they where looking for plus a whole lot more.
Liliana Hart rock when she wrote these little Holiday numbers.
Hot and steamy sexy!!
I am recommending this book to romance readers who like to have a bit of spice tossed in ~winks~
Im off to look at some more of her book.

So happy reading intel next time..
Im sure you can find a holiday book just for you!

4 star

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