Wednesday, January 25, 2012


By, Ella Jameson

((Contains Sex))
For mature readers

Category~~ FICTION - ADULT: Historical & Biographical: Historical

This is a story of an Irish chieftain who is fight for his country, for his life and that of his clan.
"We can surrender or we can fight."
Kieran MacAuley, then finds him self lying beside his other fallen clan members; and dream of a delicate lass stopping at each of the falling and putting a single kiss on there forehead. All he wishes is for her to kiss his lips so he may die with the taste of her lips on his. And she granted it.
Brynna is her name the small lass that kissed each of the falling men to free there souls.

This was a very unique story and I enjoyed reading it. Part supernatural and part historical. A time when war was hitting Ireland from the the English. A time when all who wanted to be free fought to try and keep what was once there’s.
This story is based around to main charters Brynna who is fey and Kieran who is the chieftain of his clan the MacAuley.
This was a well-written story.
I was sorry when it ended and wanted more.

resived this book from for a truthful review.
Thank you NetGalley.

4 1/2 Stars

Happy Reading Everyone!!

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