Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Bite Club
By,Rachel Caine

(The Morganville Vampires #10)

Let me start by saying “WOW”
I love these books; they hooked from the first one I picked up.
In this story, there is a new twist “human vs. vampire fighting”.
Doesn’t that sound fun? Who do you think get’s them self’s pulled into all the fighting?
Not just any fight might I tell you. It is ran by a Vampire…
There is a lot of shirt less Shane hanging out in this one. Oh there is a few of the old evils that might pop there self’s up in this one too. Shirt less Shane though come on!
I love Claire to, she is always trying to fix everything and she always gets in so much trouble. You have to love that girl’s sprit. Then you got Michael and Eve, hmmm there might be something new happing there too.
Now I am recommending this book to all the Morganville Vampire lovers.
There is a lot of new happening and you do not want to miss out!
I cannot wait to pick up my copy of the 11th Morganville Vampires “Last Breath”

Always a pleasure to read Rachel Caines work.

5 Stars

((((Ok next review is for 18 and older))))

Plentiful Package
By, Melissa Craig

(Simply Breathtaking Series)

This is a shorter read. I am going to start by saying the name says it all…
This is one smoking hot read. I won this one from a contest. I am so glad I did.
There are sexy séance everywhere you turn. There is even spanking.

I do have to wonder where Hot ducati went or what happened to him…
But then again I think it might be Andy. I kinda thought that in the first place.

Cannot wait to read more of this series.

4 Stars
((Spicy all the way))

Intel next time, Find a good book and take a break~~

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