Thursday, January 5, 2012

Reading quest for 2012~~~

Here is one of the reading challages that i am in for the Year of 2012...

I would like to thank The Forbidden Bookshelf for this reading challenge.
This is a erotic reading challenge!!
There is plenty of heat leaves for everyone.. new or not!!
For more info.. please scroll down to the bottom of my blog here and click the 2012 erotic reading challenge from The Forbidden Bookshelf!!

Here are few of the books that i plan to read this year..

Summer Heat
By, Sable Jordan

First Taste
By, Paisley Smith

The Best Mistake
By, Kate Watterson

Can’t Touch This
By, Marley Gibson

Plentiful Package
By, Melissa Craig

Pulled Long
By, Christine d,Abo

Slow Ride
By, Lorelei James

Love Cuffs
By, Ashlyn Chase, Dalton Diaz

Heaving Bosoms
By, Ashlyn Chasaae

A Scent of Greek
Out of Olympus
By, Tina Folsom

Mine until Dawn
By, E.B Walters

I have planty more im sure but these are one's i already have waiting to read.... I will keep you updated as i go..

Tnak you~

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