Saturday, January 7, 2012

Review How to Dance with a Duke

How to Dance with a Duke
By, Manda Collins

Ugly Ducklings #1
Pub Date: January 31, 2012
FICTION - ADULT: Romance: Historical

~~ 4 stars

I love Historical Romance’s, there is just something about a well writen romance that sucks you in.

Cecily and Lucas fit perfect together. There story has just the right amount of romance and mystery to keep you hooked. When Will, Lucas younger brother go’s missing and is reasoned to be dead, and the blame is being placed on Cecily’s father. Who has returned home very ill . Cecily and Lucas team up to find out the truth of what really happened in
Egypt. It’s a long bumpy road that there traveling on.
Will they find there way? Or come tumbling down all around them?
Read this wonderful story to find out for your self. I’m sure glad I got it and read it. I my self cant wait to read about the other Ugly Ducklings!

Happy Reading Everyone intel next time!!!

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