Friday, March 9, 2012


~~ I am sorry it has been awhile sence i got a chance to post anything. My computer was being all werid and would mess up every time i tried writing a review. So i have a few reviews for you today. I hope you like them!!

The Bachelor
By, Carly Phillips

(Chandler Brothers #1)

I would like to start out by saying how much i like Carly Phillips writing. Everything i have read from her so far i find to be very good.

~~I always like a story about a bad boy! Who don’t right?
I was not 100% sure though when I first started to read The Bachelor what I was going to think about It. It does have it difficulties though. A few times, I was thinking that it could be better and others I found my self lost in the pages.
There are some very interesting characters in the Bachelor.
I found it a fun and sexy read in the end. I am going to have to pick up some more of these stories. ~~

im giving this 3.5 stars

Wicked Weekend
By, Gillian Archer

(Pleasure Code, #1)

4 Stars....

18 and older

A weekend of some fun and a little BDSM.
I found my self looking to find what was going to happen next. Even though im sure I new somewhere in the back of my mind what was next.
Wicked Weekend, I found to be a fast and hot read. It takes you into a underground world of BDSM. A woman who has only dreamed about it. The perfect man to make them dreams come true.
So all and all very fun and fast read!

Thank you for this book!!

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