Thursday, March 1, 2012


Can't Touch This
By, Marley Gibson

ADULT 18 and older

This book is full of temptation, it’s coming from all over the place.
Vanessa Virtue finds her self in a full deaconship. That she believes it real. However, she has feelings for her new co-worker as well. She just cannot seem to come to term with it. “Its agenst the rules”. You know the rule book- no dating Co-Workers.
I found my-self lost in the words and the way they are put together.
There were how ever a few parts that I did not like too much.
I felt that Vanessa was a little to blind to what was happing right in front of her.
But other then that, I really did enjoy the story…

Iwould recommend this story to romance reader's who like a little spice added..

3.5 Stars

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