Sunday, April 8, 2012

Have a Review for all of you wonderful readers:)

Hair of the Dog

By, Ashlyn Kane & Morgan James


I love this Cover:)

Wouldn’t it be something to find out your nightmares came alive; that there real?
Well that is what happens to Ezra Jones. He finds his-self walking home and then bam… Nothing Intel the next morning. He finds his self with a large wound on his shoulder and strange man knocking on his front door.
One of the man Is Callum, He is a doctor also pack Alpha, so as being Alpha he will help Ezra though it all. However, it does not seem to be as easy as it should. Pheromones’ flying all over the place and the attraction is beginning to be too much to bear.
Then to top it all off there is a crazy mad scientists out there making other wolf’s go crazy with the drug that there putting into there systems.
I find this to be a great read, I enjoyed the charters very much and the way the story took was wonderful. A story with a werewolf is most likely wroth picking up and reading. This one no different, I really enjoyed the romance that was mixed in.

Intel next time, find something spicy to read!

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