Saturday, March 31, 2012


One Touch of Scandal

(Fraternitas Aureae Crucis #1)

By, Liz Carlyle

First off, I would like to say this is the very first of Liz Carlyle books that I have read.

One Touch of Scandal stole me in; it was almost like being tossed right into the story.
~ Grace Gauthier is to be married to her employer, when resives a note under her door asking for to come to his study. Something horrible has happened to her fiancée. Grace finds him dead!
There is so much then that happens next, She finds her-self on top of the subs tic list and finds her -self at a hold friend of the family’s club looking for help. However, she finds more then she can chew… One Lord Ruthveyn, Adrian. A dark and handsome devil with a gift that might or might not help her in the end.
I for one say this is well wroth the read and I cannot wait to read more.
Such a romance that go’s a little beyond the norm of this kind of book. **There is a few spicy bits in One Touch of Scandal so I recommend 18 and older!**

4 Stars on this one

Under a Midnight Moon

(Werekind #2.5)

By,Cora Zane

Hot, short and spicy this story. Betsey get’s rid of wolf and finds new biker Wolf.. Chase Tillman, hot, dark and Handsome this one is.
This was a fast read, I did enjoy reading it and thought it was a fun read.

**18 and older I am recommending

So there you have it for now, time to go and look tho my bookcases for the next read!
Happy Reading intell next time~~~

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