Tuesday, February 14, 2012


The New A Mythos Academy Novels

Touch of Frost
By,Jennifer Estep

(Mythos Academy #1)

I love this story from the very first page. It would be a little troubling for anyone if they where in Gwen Frost shoes. Her whole life as she has known it has been flipped upside down. She knew about her own gift and that of her family… She just didn’t know about all the rest. I thinking being a teen is hard as it is, can you just think what’s it like to be a kid tossed in a world of magic that you don’t fit into.
Jennifer Estep has a way with her stories; Everyone that I have ever read took me and I feel in love. Strong woman and hot guys are all in here..
This is going to be a great set of books!!

5 stars all the way

Great YA book..

Kiss of Frost
By,Jennifer Estep

(Mythos Academy #2)

Book 2 was even better then one. Gwen Frost is in for a whirlwind in this story.
There is love there id flirting and a whole lot of fight from the handsome Logan Quinn
“Spartan”. Logan is in charge of Gwen’s training to become a warrior. Gwen is also falling hard and fast for Logan. However, Logan is afraid, oh you herd right afraid the Spartan. You will find out everything if you pick it up and give it a read.
They did how ever get to go on a vacation! Hmmm where does that bring everyone?

Once again, Jennifer Estep did it…

Great story I feel in love.

(( If you have never read any of her work you are missing out big time))

Intel next time!!

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