Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Do i have some hot book's for You~~

Intimate Exposure

By, Portia Da Costa

Publisher: Carina Press

Pub Date: February 06, 2012

FICTION - ADULT: Other: Erotica

Red Webster is supposed to create a company profile for its new owner so he takes photograph’s or is that what he really does; I think he spends more time flirting with
Vicki Renard's. She finds him err ting but oh so sexy with his hypnotic eyes. In addition, when she drops her e-reader and guess who picks it up. The sparks fly hotter.
“His hypnotic eyes promise what she's been secretly craving: a sexually dominant”

I enjoyed reading this story. Oh so very steamy and hot. I found it compelling on how it was put together. This story is one of the ones you put on the hot shelf!

I recomend this story for Erotica readers

~18 and older readers as well

3.5 Stars

~here's a Good One too~

Forbidden Fantasies

By, Jodie Griffin

Publisher: Carina Press 

Pub Date: March 05, 2012

FICTION - ADULT: Other: Erotica

Now this story took me in. It’s not very often you read about a married couple. Even less likely to read about one that has a little Bondage in it.
I didn’t put this one down Intel it was done. I found the way this story was written to bring me right in. It is not very long but that did not stop it from being a good one.
I enjoyed how Jessica got into reading something alittle different and little erotic, And stayed on the edge of my set why I wait for her to tell her husband about it.
I Recommend this to Erotica readers who are looking for a little different read.

~18 and older


After fifteen years of marriage, Jessica Meyers's sex life is, well, a little predictable. Her handsome husband turns her on, but missionary style once or twice a week? It just can't compare to the hot new world she discovers in the pages of erotic romances. Her fantasies fuel the fire of her desire, adding a new spark to her and Alex's lovemaking. But Jess is afraid to tell her husband what she really wants in bed—and her secrets start coming between them.

State trooper Alex Meyers is a master at uncovering the truth—except when it comes to his sweet, shy wife. She's clearly keeping something from him. An affair? She wants out? When he finally confronts Jess, he's shocked to learn she wants to turn her forbidden fantasies into nightly realities. But when he takes her to a unique B and B—Bondage and Breakfast—catering to couples and multiples, Alex is about to find out just how far he'll go.

4.5 Stars

So if your looking for a little something sexy to read, these are both really good stories
Both not to long or not to short..

Happy Reading intel next time!!

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