Sunday, April 29, 2012

Got some really good book reviews for you! all last weeks reads:)

Catching Fire

(The Hunger Games #2)

By,Suzanne Collins

This book is such a great story. It tops the first with flying colors, There was no way I was putting this one down. I feel right in and didn’t want to come out. So many twist and turns. I just love the charters. Katniss seems to get over being as scared and does some really exciding things in Catching fire! So do the rest of them. So don’t miss out on Book # 2 of the Hunger Games.
I my self is ready to pick # 3 up.

~~On a side note, I do hope they end up making Catching Fire into a movie!

All 5 Stars here!!

One Last Bite

By,Heidi Betts

You know maybe I should have read the full-length vampire romance MUST LOVE VAMPIRES. But you know what even with out reading it, I found this to be a nice fast little read! And I did enjoy reading it.

But know I think I might want to read Must Love Vampires.
2.5 stars on this one


By,Vivi Andrews

Now this is a set of first chapters put together. I really did like reading this one. I makes me want to go and pick up every book that was in here. They all sound quit good and have been added to my to read list..

So it seems I got some new books to dig in to!

~Karmic Consultants & Serengeti Shifters series~


(The Blue Fire Saga #1)

By,Scott Prussing

Let me just tell you wow!!

I am having a hard time writing a review for this one. I do not want to give anything away!

Therefore, this is all I can give at the moment…

Wow, I loved this book. I am so glad I picked it up. Great twist to the paranormal and to Vampire stories. If you haven’t yet had the chance to read Breathless, I think you are missing out!

Getting read to get Book #2 in The Blue Fire Saga series~

All 5 stars on this one :)

Well thats all i have for you right now, I'll have some more great reviews coming up soon:)
But intel then, Pick something up and give it a read~ Long or short!!

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