Saturday, May 5, 2012

Reviews of the great books i have read this week :)

In the Garden of Temptation

(The Garden #1)

By, Cynthia Wicklund

I loved there story.
You know how sometimes you pick up a historical romance and you find your self almost reading the same as the last. Not 100% the same by any means.
Well I was pleasantly surprised that in the Garden of Temptation,
It was nothing like the other’s I have read.
I’m a big fan of historical romance.
This story of Adam and Catherine was such a good one. Catherine finds her self-married to a vulgar of a man. Not by choice, well not her's but that of her fathers.
After years she still finds her self-trying to old on to her-self.
Then along comes Adam to look at some prize horse's.
Even after years of him, she finds something more. There are many turns and twists along the way. So many ups and down.
I am going to recommend this to Historical Romance lovers!

~4Stars this one

Shifting Dreams

By,Robie Madison, Vivi Andrews , Kinsey W. Holley

~For 18 and older~

This book containing three paranormal romance stories. There not very long by any means. But I did how ever find my self sucked right in to the paranormal world and the romance of these stories.

The first one “The Man of Her Dreams”
I found to be very exciting to say the lest. I have never read a story quit like this one.
Horse shifter but not just a horse shifter. Nevertheless, a fiery. Who fall’s in love with a mortal 100’s of years before now. In addition, she having him hunt her dreams for years.
Will love find them together or not?
I know the answer; it is your turn to find out!

The Second Story “Serengeti Heat”
This one I found to be my favorite of the three. I found the story pulled you in from the begaing. You find your self in the world of a little lioness, not as big or as fast as the others, an outcast. She wants to have a little fun. And along comes the big cat the alpha!
You got to love those Alphas ~wink~
Well she finds her-self even more wanting to have that bit of fun. But now with the Alpha. She doesn’t think she can be what the pack needs to hold him. So one night of fun is all she’s looking for! You’ll have to see how this one turns out for your self.
I very much enjoyed it.

The Third Story ~Kiss and Kin~

You get some wolfy action in this one. To find you’re self in love with your cousin. Well not your cousin by anything but marriage. But neither of you know about the other filling that way. Bad stuff starts happing all around and you forced together. Hmmm
I thought it was a very good read.

4 Stars

Shapeshifter's Craving

By,Lee Pearce

~18 and older~

Very fast and enjoyable story to read.
Lot’s of spicy bits.

2 Stars for this one

Moon Spell

(The Tale of Lunarmorte #1)

By,Samantha Young

There are a few steamy parts in this one so
18 and older I would think.

What would you do if you find out you do not know anything about who you are, that you have spent your life lied to. Well this is what happens to Caia.
Finds out there is more to life then what is right in front of her. She’s falling for the Alpha of the pack, but she is not like the rest of them.
She has found friends however in the pack. A different life is awaiting her, she only needs to find her way though it.

Oh, this was such a good book; I found my self lost with out a second thought.
Love, hate, and so much more in this one!

Recommend to the romance and shifter lovers.

3.5 Stars

Coming Undone

(Brown Siblings #2)

By,Lauren Dane

~18 and older

Wow, this was a wonderful story.
Filled with so much of every day life and I found that I couldn’t put it down.
I found it to be very hot and spicy and oh so yummy!

4 Stars


(The Hunger Games #3)

By, Suzanne Collins

So to start I would like to say that I have read many of the different reviews with this book.
It has taken me some time find out what I want to say about it; I am still not sure. lol
I really have enjoyed reading the Hunger games. However, I find this last one missing something. Heck im not even sure, but it is missing some thing. The end also surprised me a bit, I had it pictured a bit different.
However, I would still have to say it is a good book and I did enjoy reading it.

Just cannot help but wonder about the other craters!

3 Stars for this one

There you have my weeks wroth of reading, I hope you all find something good out of the reviews i gave you:)

Happy Reading, hope you pick a good one:):)

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